What is your perception of South Korea?

The first thing I’ve noticed since I came to Australia was that some people have no idea about Korea – whether it is North or South. When I say “I’m from Korea” people sort of shake their heads and ask “North or South?”. This is a quite typical situation I have experienced in Australia over the last 3 years.

And then I’ve noticed that how often North Korea is being reported in news, examplifeid in school and university, ridiculed and parodied by ordinary people as an evil, and, how South Korea is being overshadowed and influenced by the mainstram news about North Korean missiles launches. Perhaps, apart from not knowing geographical location, people in Australia might have had too much biased news and influence from media that when they hear ‘Korea’, what they come up with first is the North Korean evil. 

I wonder what’s people’s general perception of South Korea? perhaps you might be linking with North Korea first and then ask questions related to politics and situations between South and North. What is your perception of South Korea?









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