Current affairs in Korea

Every now and then I see news from Korea, I feel upset, frustrated and hopeless.

To name a few, the standoff betwen ruling and opposition party in the parliament over launching a special investigation on the cause of Saewol disaster and the families of the victims of the disaster who have been protesting in front of the Blue House for that matter.   

This is almost unimagniable that the ruling Sae-nuri party and the president of South Korea Park Geun-hye are still rejecting to accept the speical investigation on the matter. Instaed, they are trying to accuse the families of the victims of their demand by saying that “how much money do you need to get compenstaed for your sons and daughters’ death?” and by mobilising pro-government campaigners such as fathers association (‘어버이연합’) and mothers association (엄마부대), who do not reflect the majority of people’s opinion at all.

Traditionally, domestic politics have always dominated news in Korea, and it still seems to be endless to end this ridiculous, senseless and undemocratic customs due to completely corrupted and political-interest-driven Sae nu-ri party.






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